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A series of Greek mythology drabbles. 
12th-Mar-2012 05:29 pm
ilthit: from Scandinavia and the World (Atlantis rides again)
These were all written for a [community profile] femslash100 drabble cycle challenge. The rest of the cycle (not all of it was mythology-based) are here.

Since this is a drabble dump, even the headers are under the cut!

Title: Other Tales
Characters: Persephone, Hades, Inanna
Pairing): Persephone/Inanna
Pantheons: Greek & Sumerian
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Mention of rape.

She can feel the other tales tug at her, even as she sits by her husband's side, souls brushing against her ankles. The dead bore her. When did their misery cease to compel?

She'll feel different in the spring.

She drags her mind away from the stories where her husband rapes her, and towards the one where she waits for her sister in the end of a long road. Her sister is stripped naked before her, because Life cannot meet Death dressed in earthly glory.

She closes her eyes and imagines her sister's pink mouth under her cold, grey fingers.

Title: In the Garden of the Hesperides
Characters: Hera, Erytheia, Arethusa, Hesperia
Pairing: Hera/the Hesperides
Pantheon: Greek
Rating: R

Hera plays well the games her kind play. She is never bored, even when she tastes defeat.

Still, whenever she tires of games, Hera returns to the garden, where golden sunlight catches on the skin of apples hanging heavy on her trees, and where her lovers greet her with shrieks of joy. They know nothing of the function of the armour she sheds when she rushes to embrace them each. Hesperia undoes her hair. Erytheia straps on a phallos to better please her. Arethusa kisses her, moist and hot like a promise.

In here, there is no talk of war.

Title: Iphigeneia in Tauris
Characters: Iphigeneia, Artemis
Pairing: Artemis/Iphigeneia
Pantheons: Greek
Rating: G

Iphigeneia's feet sink into prickly grass. “Am I dead?” she asks.

“No, you are not,” says Artemis. She towers high, but no taller than a mortal man, and Her hand in Iphigeneia's is warm and solid. Yet She is undoubtedly the Goddess. “And now you never will be. You are far too plucky for sour old Hades. Here.”

Iphigeneia accepts the offered sheepskin and drinks deep. Artemis catches her and holds her as the golden light ravages her, shredding her mortality.

When it is over, Iphigeneia remembers only Artemis's words anchoring her. “You're mine.”

Yes. Yours.

Title: Medusa
Characters: Medusa, Athena, Poseidon
Pairing: Athena/Medusa
Pantheons: Greek
Rating: R
Warning(s): Rape.

They say no man would fuck a thing like me, let alone a god who can have his pick of women. They don't understand rape. It amused Poseidon to dip his prick in a scaly woman, reef-builder, serpent-haired and terrible. It suited him even better to rape the lover of his defiant niece on the floor of her own temple.

She never cared for beauty. We chose each other.

Athena did not curse me. She gave me what I asked for, after he was done with me. Let another man try now. Let another man even look into my face.

Title: But a Gentle Beast
Characters: Nyx, original character
Pairing: Nyx/original character
Pantheons: Greek
Rating: PG-13
Note: The title is a translated line from Eino Leino's poem "Peto on minun armaani".

When I am alone in the dark, I am not alone, for She envelops me. When I am terrified, She breathes with me, drawing every panicked gasp, there in my ligaments and bones.

How could I praise Her? My oldest friend, the first and the last, the absence that defines presence.

Once, when I was lost, a woman found me and took me to her cave, offered me savoury broth, and made love to my tired body until it felt reborn. I fell asleep, and woke up in the dark, back to back with wolves.

How can I praise Her?

Title: Woe To Three
Characters: Helen, Cassandra
Pairing: Cassandra/Helen
Pantheons: Greek, The Iliad
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Suicidal ideation.

Helen found Cassandra by the fountain, a knife in her hand. She took the knife and threw it with a clatter into the corner. When she picked Cassandra up, she could not stand, her legs numb from sitting still.

Helen took her to her chambers and set her down on her silks, rubbed her legs and made her drink wine.


Helen did not understand. When Cassandra opened her mouth to explain, she shut her up with a kiss.

Helen hung on because of love. She thought Cassandra could, too.

Cassandra embraced Helen. Outside, men died. Inside her eyelids, Troy burned.

Title: Queen Eurydice Speaks
Characters: Queen Eurydice, Antigone
Pairing: Antigone/Eurydice
Pantheons: Greek, Sophocles' Antigone
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Violence.

She always saw the gods' law clearer than I did, and duty was her guiding star.

I am true to duty, too, though I find no comfort in my husband's arms. Antigone tormented my thoughts, she with eyes full of rage and righteousness. I wanted her blade of truth at my throat, her loyalty at my feet, but the law of a wife's submission is written in every lawbook. So I wove, and endured.

Until I saw her laid out grey on the stone, throat bruised and beauty ruined.

Caught between men's laws and gods', what are we to do?

Title: Spring Hiding
Characters: Hecate, Persephone
Pairing: Hecate/Persephone
Pantheons: Greek
Rating: PG

You might wonder why I choose to stay in the underworld.

Even here, Persephone brings forth flowers, a touch of spring in the dark hollow of the death. That is why Hades desired her. In her chamber, soft grass grows underfoot, and above golden light mimics the sun she left behind, shimmering through wreaths of flowers.

She takes me by the hand and draws me down upon the moss. I am her companion, with hands as warm and living as hers.

When Persephone is at Hades's call, I speak to the dead, and manage their matters.

Why would I leave?

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