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11th-Apr-2012 09:29 am - Beauty and the Beast podfic
eccentric_hat: (Default)
I recently recorded a podfic that seems like it would be of interest to this community. It's about Beauty and the Beast:

In a Dark Wood cover art

Title: In a Dark Wood (text can be found on author's website here, or on Yuletide site here)
Author: [personal profile] tadorna/[ profile] sheldrake
Reader: [personal profile] eccentric_hat
Fandom: Traditional fairy tales: Beauty and the Beast
Length: 44 minutes
Rating: PG
Music by Zoe Keating

Summary: On the nature of beasts. There is something about him of the dank marsh, or of the earth, or the creeping undergrowth. Of wild and lonely places coming alive at night, when there is nobody around to see.

Right-click to download from the audiofic archive:
m4b (audiobook file)

My sincere thanks to [personal profile] tadorna for permission to record this story, based on my all-time favorite fairy tale!
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