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16th-Apr-2010 04:58 pm - Pimping.
randombastary: (Folklore Magic Potion)
I just recently started writing articles for as their National Folk Culture Examiner. So far, I only have two posts (on Captain Kidd and the Mothman), but I plan on focusing on folklore, mythology, urban legends and superstitions. Come check me out, and if you subscribe, you'll get an email every time I make a new post.
8th-Feb-2010 07:40 pm - Another "Red Riding Hood" Fic.
storiwr: (Red Riding Hood w/Wolves)
Title: The Huntsman
Character(s): Red Riding Hood/The Wolf
Folklore Used: German
Rating: G
Summary: Red and the wolf meet and fall in love, only to have the "traditional" story come about at a later date, and she's sure that it's about her.

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5th-Jan-2010 05:58 pm - Robin, Post Thrid Crusade.
storiwr: (Dogma Fallen Angel)
Title: PTSD
Characters: Robin & Marian
Folklore Used: British Isles
Rating: G
Summary: Robin dealing with the aftereffects of the Third Crusade

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25th-Nov-2009 06:12 pm - The Three Worlds.
storiwr: (Angel Angel/Demon Outline)
Title: The Three Worlds
Character(s): Falen/Noel/Azriel/Raphael (a cambion, a Nephilim, a demon & an angel)
Folklore Used: Christian/Jewish
Rating: PG
Summary: A cambion and a Nephilim hook up, and an angel and demon try to break them up.
Disclaimer: I blame this fic, in its entirety, on this post, which I found through the LJ comm. [profile] spn_heavymeta.
Warning: Buckle up, kids, it's going to be a long ride.

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22nd-Nov-2009 12:49 am - Loki fic
icarus_chained: red loki, pointed and sneering (loki)
A friend of mine mentioned this might be welcome here.

Title: Pointed
Rating: PG-13
Pantheon: Norse (Poetic Edda, in this case)
Characters/Pairings: Loki, Thor, mentions of Loki/handmaidens, and Thrym's hopes for Thrym/female-Thor.
Summary: Watching Thor being the one laughed at for a change, Loki muses on the power of it.
Continuity: Set during Loki and Thor's little escapade retrieving Mjollnir from the giants.
Wordcount: 646
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not even the cross-dressing. Thor really did that. Thrym really fell for it. *shrugs* Giants. What can you do?

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16th-Oct-2009 06:06 pm - Snow White Queen.
storiwr: (Disney Snow White Poison Apple Text)
Title: Snow White Queen
Character(s): Snow White/The Queen
Folklore Used: German
Rating: G
Summary: The queen from "Snow White" plots to kill Snow White.

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8th-Sep-2009 06:13 pm - Yet Another Red Riding Hood Fic
storiwr: (Red Riding Hood Once Upon a Time)
Title: The Hollow
Character(s): Red Riding Hood
Folklore Used: German
Rating: PG
Summary: Red is kind of trying to deal with the death of her grandmother.
Disclaimer: My own gram died this past December, and so, I'm kind of channeling a bit of that here.

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25th-Aug-2009 05:55 pm - And What Happened After.
storiwr: (Raven Stealing the Moon)
Title: The Insurance
Characters: Eris/Raven
Pantheon(s): Greek/Native American
Rating: PG
Summary: What happened at the trickster's conference, after "A Meeting".
Disclaimer: This is all [profile] wynkat1313's fault.

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1st-Aug-2009 10:29 pm - Cinderella.
storiwr: (German Cindy Running Away)
Title: Cinder Block
Character(s): Cinderella/Prince Charming
Folklore Used: German
Rating: PG
Summary: Cinderella meets Prince Charming at the ball.
Warning(s): Mild innuendo.

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1st-Aug-2009 02:34 pm - Continuation on the Angel!Fic.
storiwr: (Angel Statue Sitting)
Title: Watcher's Power
Character(s): A Grigori/Lucifer
Further Reference(s): Michael/a Power
Pantheon(s): Christian
Rating: PG
Summary: A continuation of "The Power of Watchers," where the Grigori wants those from Heaven to fight with him.

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