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12th-Sep-2010 12:51 pm - Jack and the Beanstalk.
storiwr: (English Beanstalk)
Title: Jack be Nimble.
Character(s): Jack/a Priest
Folklore Used: English/Christian/Jewish
Further Reference(s): Goliath/Og
Rating: G
Summary: Jack (of the beanstalk and giant killer fame) has concerns about his ability to actually kill giants, since the story of the beanstalk was greatly exaggerated.

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30th-Jun-2010 07:25 pm - People Shouldn't Worry Over Stupid Things.
storiwr: (Folklore Black Dog)
Title: Two Princes.
Character(s): Two Prince Charmings (one from "Snow White," and one from "Sleeping Beauty"). Also, an appearance by a black dog.
Folklore used: German/British Isles
Rating: PG
Summary: A meeting between two princes leads to one of them feeling like he's not worthy of the love of his princess, and so, he does something rash.

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5th-Jan-2010 05:58 pm - Robin, Post Thrid Crusade.
storiwr: (Dogma Fallen Angel)
Title: PTSD
Characters: Robin & Marian
Folklore Used: British Isles
Rating: G
Summary: Robin dealing with the aftereffects of the Third Crusade

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