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6th-May-2009 06:57 pm - First Post/Mod Post
randombastary: (Mod Msg From the Mod)
This community was made to mirror the god!fic communities on IJ and LJ, since I figured that it was a safe bet that there might be people migrating to DW who wanted to post fics related to mythology and/or folklore. Rather than repost things that are available elsewhere, if you are curious as to the things that are postable here (or check out fics that are ready for mass consumption), you can check them out here (on LJ), or here (on IJ).

I'm glad you came!! Now, plop your bum onto whatever chair, couch or bit of floor you can find, and join in the fun. There are fics on the table, drinks in the fridge, and food in pretty much every cabinet.
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