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2nd-May-2012 08:21 am - Promotion: Female_fest (posted with mod approval)
snowynight: Kino in a suit with brown background (Default)

Link: post)

Description: A multifandom fic-fest celebrating the female-centric relationship in fandom

Sign-up date/deadline: Accepting prompts through midnight, Central US time, Mid June. Masterlist of prompts go up on the 25th of June to begin claiming.

Due date: No later than September 14

Posting date: 14 August- 14 September

11th-Apr-2012 09:29 am - Beauty and the Beast podfic
eccentric_hat: (Default)
I recently recorded a podfic that seems like it would be of interest to this community. It's about Beauty and the Beast:

In a Dark Wood cover art

Title: In a Dark Wood (text can be found on author's website here, or on Yuletide site here)
Author: [personal profile] tadorna/[ profile] sheldrake
Reader: [personal profile] eccentric_hat
Fandom: Traditional fairy tales: Beauty and the Beast
Length: 44 minutes
Rating: PG
Music by Zoe Keating

Summary: On the nature of beasts. There is something about him of the dank marsh, or of the earth, or the creeping undergrowth. Of wild and lonely places coming alive at night, when there is nobody around to see.

Right-click to download from the audiofic archive:
m4b (audiobook file)

My sincere thanks to [personal profile] tadorna for permission to record this story, based on my all-time favorite fairy tale!
12th-Mar-2012 05:29 pm - A series of Greek mythology drabbles.
ilthit: from Scandinavia and the World (Atlantis rides again)
These were all written for a [community profile] femslash100 drabble cycle challenge. The rest of the cycle (not all of it was mythology-based) are here.

Since this is a drabble dump, even the headers are under the cut!

8x100 words )
4th-Oct-2011 12:21 pm - Cassandra, Pâris & Medea ficlets
ein_papier: Gwen by window, black and white (Gwen b/w)
Hi! I joined and started watching this comm, and have a few Greek mythology ficlets; none of them are over PG-13 rating, most are under.

Cassandra-centric (some with Cassandra/Apollo or Aganemnon): Hear All The Sounds, Impenetrable, Thread, and Of Visions and Hope (also, if you read French, For your ears only, Comme du souvenir, and Prolongement (Cassandra/Clytemnestra) ).

Pâris: "... but optimists are happier"

Medea: Numb as Fury
1st-Oct-2011 09:14 pm - The Box
storiwr: (Greek Athena Statue)
Title: The Box
Character(s): Athena/Apollo/Artemis/Zeus/Thor
Special Guest Appearances By: Eros/Aphrodite/Hephaestus/Ares/Hera
Pantheon(s): Greek/Norse
Rating: PG
Summary: Athena receives a box from Thor, but doesn’t bother to open it to see what’s inside (despite the advice she is given by others). Then, later, she regrets it, when the Norse come to Olympus.

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27th-May-2011 04:19 am - fic: The King of Utgard (Norse Mythology)
khilari: (magritte homesickness)
Title: The King of Utgard
Character(s): Thor, Loki
Pantheon(s): Norse
Rating: G
Summary: Thor meets an aspect of Loki he hasn't seen before. A retelling of Thor's Journey to Utgard.

Note: It's contested whether Utgard-Loki was a Jotun aspect of Loki or an unrelated giant. Here I assume the first, and that Loki's addition to this myth as a travelling companion came later. Whether you agree or not I hope you can enjoy the story.

The way to Utgard was among sharp peaks of rock rimed with ice )
22nd-Feb-2011 06:13 pm - Tumnus Fanfic.
storiwr: (Greek Pan)
Title: Tumnus
Character(s): Mr Tumnus/Peter/Edmund/Susan/Lucy
Fandom(s): Narnia
Rating: G
Summary: Mr Tumnus musing on the loss of Lucy after she returns to England.
Disclaimer: I wrote this after listening to the audiobooks for the Narnia series, and felt the need to write something around my favorite character since the series itself has always struck me as not living up to its potential.

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5th-Oct-2010 07:37 pm - fic: Iron Queen (Greek mythology)
carcinogen: (Default)
Title: Iron Queen
Character(s): Persephone, Demeter, Hades, Cerberus.
Pantheon: Greek
Rating: G
Summary: There are those who are dead, and then there are those who are not but sometimes wish to be. Persephone is both. Persephone is neither.

Cerberus says: Goodbye, Miss.
12th-Sep-2010 12:51 pm - Jack and the Beanstalk.
storiwr: (English Beanstalk)
Title: Jack be Nimble.
Character(s): Jack/a Priest
Folklore Used: English/Christian/Jewish
Further Reference(s): Goliath/Og
Rating: G
Summary: Jack (of the beanstalk and giant killer fame) has concerns about his ability to actually kill giants, since the story of the beanstalk was greatly exaggerated.

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30th-Jun-2010 07:25 pm - People Shouldn't Worry Over Stupid Things.
storiwr: (Folklore Black Dog)
Title: Two Princes.
Character(s): Two Prince Charmings (one from "Snow White," and one from "Sleeping Beauty"). Also, an appearance by a black dog.
Folklore used: German/British Isles
Rating: PG
Summary: A meeting between two princes leads to one of them feeling like he's not worthy of the love of his princess, and so, he does something rash.

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